The concept of friendship has always baffled me in some way. I am very loyal when I really click with someone and we establish a connection that seems special. I have the capacity to separate business from personal relationships so when I become friends with someone I take it seriously. I’m not a fair-weather friend. I’m not the fake type to smile in a bitch’s face but secretly hate her and act like I’m her true friend. Where they do that at? That being said, I have encountered waaaayyyyy too many “friends” like that. People who act like they’re your friend but treat you like a complete stranger once they decide you’re not useful to them anymore. It’s hurtful, mean, phony, and deceitful. At least that’s what it looks and feels like when you’re the one being ignored.

   I’ve always learned how to block out my hurt from friendships like this because a bitch like me will straight go crazy on a bitch if I get into it with them. Most of the female friends I’ve had have proven themselves to be stupid, immature, fake, crazy, close-minded, and/or weak. The ones who rose to the top and proved to be stand up individuals are still friends of mine. I just don’t like the fakeness. I don’t like wasting my time. I don’t like that I took time to really get to know a female and hang out with them, make time for them, build a friendship, introduce them to people, give them smart things and ideas for them to enhance their lives, workout with them, and share my most intimate life stories with them, just so they one day decide they don’t want to fuck with me anymore. Why? I don’t like wasting my time and feelings on you so why waste your time too? I will never in my right mind understand why females be acting so fucking fake! If you don’t like someone, be real about it. There’s nothing wrong with being honest about not really liking someone. Not everyone is going to get along. It’s when people smile in your face, ask to hang out with you, waste your time, ask for advice, take pictures with you, all while knowing they don’t really fuck with you. I’m going to go ahead and count these hoes in the jealous hater category. Why else would these hoes ask so many questions about you and your life without having your best interest at heart? They are hating. They want you to fall off. They want to learn something detrimental and not so put-together about you so they can go share the tea with someone else and talk shit about you. No matter how on-pointe you are, they will always find a way to hate on it. Miserable ass females. Fuck friendships! I am only fucking with real-ass stand up individuals who are about their business and building each other up. I will honestly never have a female best friend ever again. It’s unrealistic. I get along better with guys anyway. At least guys are more direct.

   Let’s eliminate the fake shit in 2016. You can be cordial. You can be polite. You can even be welcoming. But if you don’t like someone, so be it! Smile & nod and move around when the small talk is over. That’s just my opinion.