I should be ashamed of myself. I have been neglecting some of my work at times and allowing things like Instagram to cause me to procrastinate. Why do I do this to myself? 4 years out of college and still pulling all-nighters when I really don’t have to. Sheesh! And the worst thing about it is that I’m aware of the distractions! I’m not hopelessly falling into a trap all unknowingly and naïve. No. I KNOW BETTER.

   I’d like to think I allow myself to get distracted because I work so hard & for long hours when I do get down to business that I deserve a little Facebook or Instagram break. 603105c1bae9fd3b6d301025da0747a5It’s okay to check on that urban gossip website because I earned it. I can go watch YouTube videos about shit that doesn’t really matter because I can do that. And I can watch Vanderpump Rules and Dance Moms even though I have an important project to finish. Ugh! I hate it. But I love it. But I know I shouldn’t be doing it. It’s like my guilty pleasure. I can’t help but keep myself updated on the tea on everybody from celebrities to instagram thots.

   I also noticed I’ll read up on the gossip but I won’t 2829698verbally gossip or bash anybody in person/on the phone. No. I’m too classy to let people know I’m all in their business, lol. I’m just happy staying in the loop. At least I’m respectful about my nosiness and I don’t shove people’s mistakes and terrible outfits in their face or to anyone. I’m not messy. Plus, there are much worser vices, right? My boyfriend sure likes to remind me every single time he sees me on a social media website how immature and wasteful it is spending my time on there. I know he’s right. I’m weak, damn it! I just need a release from working so hard.

   Here’s the real dilemma though: I want to do so many things! I want to write a novel, I want to finish my screenplays, I want to research so many ideas I have in order to brainstorm and eventually turnsocialmediadistraction my ideas into real life pursuits & cashflow, I need to renew my passport, I need to pay my car registration, I want to build this blog up more (Woo! Mental Luxury!), and I want to make more money in the meantime by getting my online freelance profiles up to date. Phew! It’s exhausting even thinking about it. Bottom line: I need my precious time in order to accomplish all these goals I have. If only I can cut down on sitting on the toilet for an hour at a time on Instagram, I think I’ll be alright.