The Burnout


Hey MenLux!

I’ve been reflecting on so many things lately in the mist of a lot of uncertainty. The past few days I was lacking my normal ambitious determined energy. 132215-131808I thought maybe I didn’t have the same motivation to pursue my passions anymore. I had just driven back from working in Vegas and was feeling unmotivated in general. Then, I got a sore throat, lost my half my voice, and got sick. I’m doing a lil better since I slept longer last night and I’m doing more work now. But I knew something was up. Looking back in hindsight, I think I’m just a little burnt out. I’ve been grinding my ass off for years and never took a real vacation – away from LA, away from my real life, away from my work. I couldn’t have planned this trip to Miami at a more perfect time! I’ve got the next three weeks to wrap some things up I’ve been working on and prepare for tropical beach weather, suntanning, and Caribbean food. I’m so excited! Sometimes your body is tryna tell you something. In my case, my body’s like TAKE A DAMN VACAY! Lol.