Respect That You Earn! #music

Hey MenLux! I know it’s been a while since we last talked but I’ve good busy honey! Anyway, I love this song “Respect That You Earn” by Yo Gotti because it’s a very honest modern message from a young man to a young woman. You have to listen to the lyrics and it sounds good with Neyo’s voice. Take a look! See y’all later!

Yo Gotti – Respect That You Earn ft. Neyo & Wale


You Should Stay…

I love this song & video!! Where is Keri Hilson? Prolly somewhere collecting residual music industry checks with hubby Serge Ibaka. I need her talent in today’s music please!

Oh yeah, shout out to director Colin Tilley. Love his style!

New Edition Biopic


I just wanted to mention how much I loved the New Edition TV Biopic on BET! Everyone did such a great job. Casting was good, story was good, music was amazing, and I learned a lot about the group & music during that time. I didn’t know New Edition had such a heavy impact on music. I fell in love with those kid actors!! I was thoroughly entertained and my favorite part was when the young members morphed into the older members seamlessly. That was some serious CGI! BET is really stepping it up. And I’m so happy the real members of the group and their original music producers were involved in the project. They really showed how a biopic should be done. Muah!


51vtyvrbh3l-_ss500Final viewer numbers: 28.4 million!