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My mentality about dating has changed drastically since my last long term relationship. I am dating for marriage now. The process for me when dating for long term marriage is completely different than dating just to obtain a boyfriend. I need to know E-VER-Y-THANG! I no longer go out just to be wined & dined. Long Curly Red Hair. Fashion Woman PortraitBeen there done that. I now date with strong intention: to get to know the guy. It’s easy for me to get a boyfriend because many nice men are interested in me. But many guys wanna waste my time, try to control me, get in my head, play games, toy with my emotions, and monopolize my resources. It’s not a game for me anymore. I’m not here to just be looked at or get expensive meals payed for. I need a husband. I need a partner. A man whom I’m gonna be excited to spend time with. A man who has his faith aligned. Someone with substance who knows exactly where he’s going with his life. couple-back-to-backIt’s deeper than expensive bottles of wine, walks on the beach, shopping sprees, and roses. Any guy with the money who knows women love that shit can execute those types of things. But once the romance dissipates, the looks start to fade, the bellies get rounder, and the candlelight goes out, you’re stuck with the person’s character and mind [Hence another reason why I named this blog Mental Luxury]. So I’m dating to collect data. Who are you? What matters most to you? What’s your vision for your life? I don’t need candlelit dinners with bottles of champagne to get to know you (even though those things are nice). As I’ve grown older, I realize that finding a man of God is so immensely important to me. A man of principles. The Dating GameNow once I see that the guy is amazing and a great fit for me, we can do all the romance afterwards. And no sex before monogamy. So many men lie about who they are and what they’re about and will put on a strong front for months to get what they want from a woman. Therefore, I wouldn’t date any other way than this. I am able to rip the mask off men (and people in general really) by asking the right questions and paying VERY close attention. That is how I can tell the real from the fake. The weak from the strong. The mentally and emotionally stable from the insane, lol. God I love dating this way. I don’t waste much time at all! Thank you God for showing me the way. Amen.




Go see it if you haven’t already!!

Broadway Opening Night Celebration For "Fences"

This movie was nothing short of amazing. Words cannot explain how much respect I have for Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. They both won Tony Awards for their Broadway revival of the play in 2010 after delivering 88 performances. Both actors have been dedicated to the craft for most of their lives: a level of dedication I can only hope to be able to live up to and be fortunate enough to have a career as long as them. After 88 stage performances, an unknown amount of rehearsals & preparation for both stage and screen, and multiple takes for the camera, I just knew this movie was going to be a masterpiece! Denzel directed and produced the film. Another great August Wilson play produced for the screen to live on forever. Loved, loved, looooved it! Now I’m hearing Denzel is bringing a whole string of stage plays adapted for the camera to theaters. I’ll be on time for that!


Warning: There are some really funny moments from Denzel’s performance! Inside joke: Blast a hole into forever hahahaaa!

Source: https://www.ibdb.com/broadway-production/fences-485594


The mood was tense but cold. Calm but attentive. He hadn’t seen her in 5 months and kept calling her by phone out of curiosity. She finally decided to pick up. She wanted to know where his head was at and why he was calling. He was an hour late trying to play it cool. Boy this guy was a piece of work.


Wendy: “Is there a reason why you’re late?”

Aaron: “Yeah, traffic! And I didn’t know I had to be exact.”

She sighs in annoyance. There is a silence.

Aaron: “I made you a stuffed tomato with all organic vegetables and ground turkey.”

Wendy: “Thanks,” she says swiftly. She takes the dish and puts it on a plate. Walks around to the couch, sits, and prepares to eat the small dish. There is another pause of uncertainty.

Aaron: “So, what do you wanna know?”

Wendy has bitten into the tomato dish. While she clears her palette, “I wanna know what’s on your mind.”

He looks around unsure and nervous. He continues, “How candid do you want me to be?”

Wendy: “You gotta start somewhere.”

*Long tense pause* Aaron is thinking… But finally…

Aaron: “I just want to say, I apologize for you being in pain and me being the cause of that pain. I also appreciate things about you now that I probably didn’t appreciate in the past… I’ll just leave it at that.”

Wendy: “Well, that’s good to hear,” she says with a positive tone as she finishes a bite. She is pleased to hear this from him but keeps a poker face. |

The Wait

DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good appear on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday discussing their New York Times Best Seller: The Wait. So profound and an amazing testimony. Check it out!

Full Episode: http://www.oprah.com/video_embed.html?article_id=64926

I just wanna say I really admire couples who wait to have sex until marriage. That is pretty much unheard of in this day & age of instant gratification and our sex-saturated world. I am considering being celibate again and waiting for God’s best man to enter my life. I only hope I can be disciplined and patient enough to see that purpose out. It’s hard. But I am considering it with God’s strength. Pray For Me! -Vashé


U betta werk Ciara & Russell! 🙌💍