Hey y’all,

I just wanted to drop a quick article about the most successful “diet” I’ve tried (and still currently on). 319917I put diet in “quotations” because I strongly believe in eating healthy as a lifestyle and not depending on different diets here & there to lose weight. In other words, dieting to me suggests an inconsistency in eating habits. So I bring up this “diet” or healthy eating guide because it has been very effective for me. I thought to blog about it in hopes to help someone else looking for a more permanent remedy. This “diet” is great for someone who can’t go or has tried being vegan or vegetarian, but can’t fully live without fish, meat, or dairy (like me lol). Also, I’m not getting paid to blog about this. I’m simply sharing what I genuinely like and use right now.

Introducing Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo! This “diet” or guide to healthy eating gives food suggestions based on each blood type and how many times per week each food group should be consumed. I have been using this guide for 5 years now and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been! I just got back from the doctor a few weeks ago and the results from my physical were great! No cholesterol problems, no diabetes, no high blood pressure, and no cancer cells (btw, I’m 26 years old if you were wondering). avoid-irritantsI believe in taking good care of yourself, your body, hair, skin, nails, and mental health at an early age so your good health can be sustained throughout your life. My family has a long history of diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, and mental health issues so I take health VERY seriously. I’m also from Texas so our past eating habits as a family were filled with heavy meats, spicy foods, lots of dairy, bread, sugar, and high sodium. So that’s where all the poor health came from most likely. These days, my family is a lot more aware of the causes of our health problems and we have improved our eating habits recently. So that’s why I recommend this guide to healthy eating (or “diet,” however you wanna look at it).

I have struggled in the past to keep up with it since the foods I was used to were so dramatically different than what this book was suggesting I eat. But I have gotten back on it and the results are always consistent! choose-healthy-eating-over-dietingI always drop inches (not necessarily weight) on my waist and lower body, my muscles are more defined so I’m leaner, I always have so much more energy, and my skin starts to glow more. I also stay consistent with a cheat day once a week (I choose to cheat on Saturdays) in order to reward myself for a healthy week well done. My cheat days are usually a reminder that I need to go back to my “diet” because my body will react differently to unhealthy foods. So overtime, I have eaten healthier and healthier because my body clearly loves the healthier food better. It’s just my taste buds that wanted the fried chicken, hot cheetos, or fried rice for that moment. That is why I recommend having a cheat day once a week to ween yourself off of unhealthy foods slowly if you are having trouble sticking to healthy eating consistently. As always, discipline and exercise are great supplements to aid in the process. I would recommend working out 3 times a week on average.

A little more about my “diet”: I am type A so my diet is heavily vegetable and fruit based. However, I eat smaller portions of fish, dark chocolate, chicken, and turkey as well throughout the week. is202-026There were so many suggestions in the book that opened my mind to different types of vegetables, fruits, condiments, & grains to eat. I don’t have to always eat the same thing over and over. Plus, the book tells you exactly what type of foods are highly beneficial to your body, what’s neutral, and what you should absolutely avoid eating. It is so valuable to know what to avoid eating because you may be allergic to that type of food or your system digests that food slowly which may be why it puts weight on you or makes you bloat. For example, I can eat pineapples all day but I should avoid bananas. Most people would think bananas were harmless but I can’t eat them on the regular. When I cut bananas out of my regimen, I saw results immediately. So it’s helpful to know specifically what is actually good for your body inside out because popular belief may have you thinking it is all healthy and good in general. This guide is more personalized.blood-type-diet

Some of the blood types do better with a meatier diet; you just have to find out for yourself (example above). I suggest you call your doctor to find out your blood type, esp. if you’ve done blood work recently as it should be on file. And I highly recommend this Eat Right For Your Type guide to healthy eating because it comes in a small compact book that you can throw in your bag or small purse and use often. It gets straight to the point and is not complicated to follow. I think I got it from Borders or Barnes & Noble, but I’ve seen it on Amazon too. Good luck to you and your healthy lifestyle & nutrition journey! Hope this helps.