Bitch Better Have My $$$

Don’t judge me but I’m obsessed with Rihanna’s VMA 2016 performance of some of her most ratchet songs. She’s so edgy and unapologetic. Love her confidence too. We won’t talk about her struggle vocals cuz well, we know she aint the best. But I enjoy watching her keep it real lol.

Let them niggas know RiRi! Her dancers are on-pointe too!!


Rihanna & Drake | Brit Awards

This performance just randomly popped up on my YouTube. We won’t talk about her vocals *cough* … but I liked it! The creative and visual team did a great job. I loved the dancers too. Now, why didn’t RiRi do this at The Grammys??!




Woo! Since my last post about how I was giving into distractions, I’ve been getting so much done and finished. I pulled another all-nighter tonight but it’s all good. So proud of myself! Sometimes you just need to check your own reality. Werk werk werk werk werk werk!!



Ok, I am lowkey a Rihanna fan. I have been following her career since pretty much Day 1… those If It’s Lovin That You Want days. I could go on about things, talents, or skills she lacks but the girl knows how to do that reggae/west indian pop music so well. I love the second version of the video for Work ft. Drake (3:53). I think the director/cinematographer made her look really pretty and captured her dance moves, sensuality, and their chemistry really well. Also, I can really get down to this song at my table in the club!