Taking applications…

My mentality about dating has changed drastically since my last long term relationship. I am dating for marriage now. The process for me when dating for long term marriage is completely different than dating just to obtain a boyfriend. I need to know E-VER-Y-THANG! I no longer go out just to be wined & dined. Long Curly Red Hair. Fashion Woman PortraitBeen there done that. I now date with strong intention: to get to know the guy. It’s easy for me to get a boyfriend because many nice men are interested in me. But many guys wanna waste my time, try to control me, get in my head, play games, toy with my emotions, and monopolize my resources. It’s not a game for me anymore. I’m not here to just be looked at or get expensive meals payed for. I need a husband. I need a partner. A man whom I’m gonna be excited to spend time with. A man who has his faith aligned. Someone with substance who knows exactly where he’s going with his life. couple-back-to-backIt’s deeper than expensive bottles of wine, walks on the beach, shopping sprees, and roses. Any guy with the money who knows women love that shit can execute those types of things. But once the romance dissipates, the looks start to fade, the bellies get rounder, and the candlelight goes out, you’re stuck with the person’s character and mind [Hence another reason why I named this blog Mental Luxury]. So I’m dating to collect data. Who are you? What matters most to you? What’s your vision for your life? I don’t need candlelit dinners with bottles of champagne to get to know you (even though those things are nice). As I’ve grown older, I realize that finding a man of God is so immensely important to me. A man of principles. The Dating GameNow once I see that the guy is amazing and a great fit for me, we can do all the romance afterwards. And no sex before monogamy. So many men lie about who they are and what they’re about and will put on a strong front for months to get what they want from a woman. Therefore, I wouldn’t date any other way than this. I am able to rip the mask off men (and people in general really) by asking the right questions and paying VERY close attention. That is how I can tell the real from the fake. The weak from the strong. The mentally and emotionally stable from the insane, lol. God I love dating this way. I don’t waste much time at all! Thank you God for showing me the way. Amen.


Operation Miami: Completed

Hey y’all,

I had a blast in Miami!! It was so much fun! I went out every night, tanned all day, ate Peruvian and Cuban food, did the touring thing, drank more than normal, and enjoyed minimal responsibility. It was paradise. I definitely need to go back.


Will share more photos later. Now it’s back to the muthafuckin grind.


Gold Digger vs. Good Woman


Are gold diggers, thots, and hoes winning these days? Are the days of strong morals, values, class, and modesty dwindling? kanye-west-440One has to wonder. We are far from the modesty of the 50s & 60s now. We live in a day and age where more and more powerful men are wifing KNOWN hoes, ex-strippers, soft core porn stars, and all around materialistic women. Where have our values gone? What will our young girls be like when they grow up? Who will they try to emulate? These are tough questions.

As a woman, the question to ask yourself specifically is what do you want? Do you want a seemingly glamorous life with tons of expensive things, red bottoms, and designer clothes? vibe_vixen-michelle-obamaDo you want a more low-key life with a beautiful family, a nice house, and a loving loyal husband? Are you not the marrying type, more of a career woman, who wants to travel a lot? You can create the life you want whether you know it or not. All the things you put your energy and thoughts towards eventually materialize in some way.

The woman who wants a rich and famous athlete or entertainer, many shopping sprees, and fame for herself is most likely going to subject herself to the thot/goldigger lifestyle in order to catch that man. She probably doesn’t want to have to work as hard for it so she will objectify herself to all-star weekend trips, late nights at Greystone Manor or LIV to catch a celebrity’s eye, and lots of hair, make-up, and thot couture to maintain that “bad bitch” image. cf30a7f48efb1c6109b1e6e298d4223eThe woman who is more real and wants a beautiful family and a blessed household is most likely going to dress more modestly, wear natural makeup, go to church, and have unconventional interests. That career woman is most likely loving her life, traveling, too busy to date, and doesn’t really care to get married. Three different types of women = three different types of life goals.

As far as the men, it all depends on what type of dude he is and what he’s looking for. The real alpha men know that a good woman is worth marrying, they know wifing a thot/golddigger is not wise and is basically suicide. draya-michele-just-enaj-christian-louboutin-gold-pumpsIt’s the immature beta males who look at thots & bad bitches and salivate & put them on a pedestal as a trophy. What does he want? He probably doesn’t even know! He probably just lives in the moment and doesn’t think that far ahead so anything goes. That’s where the smart hoe comes in and gets what she wants. She finds a vulnerable dumb athlete or rapper who she can control and the rest is ratchet history. Now, I’m not knocking however people want to live their lives. It’s really not my concern. But what I am concerned with is the future of us as a people. Twenty, forty, sixty years from now, will we have a productive society? Will our women be too concerned with lip kits, waist trainers, and skinny tea to teach the youth some skills? Will our men be too full of lust to hold down one household and lead them to a positive destiny? Inquiring minds want to know.

As a woman, I walk to the beat of my own drum. I intentionally go left when all the females are going right. screen-shot-2013-03-29-at-10-32-15-amI like to be original, not follow the trends all the time, I’m not afraid to tell somebody to fuck off if they’re trying to bullshit me, and I like to be classy. I think it’s fine to have fun but find a line of work you’re passionate about. Do something positive with your life. Get to know yourself. Because when you’re passionate about something and you fully embrace YOU, great things happen and people are attracted to that – especially men. You don’t have to be a thot, a goldigger, or a hoe to be successful. You can do it with your mind. All good looks, perfect skin, and nice hair is a bonus! You can be absolutely ravishing, sexy, and in control solely with your mind. Think about it.

Which woman are you?