Purpose Fulfilled #RIPNipsey

“On a mission, your worst enemy is idle time.” -Nipsey Hussle


I’m so deeply saddened by the senseless killing of a real role model and great artist Nipsey Hussle. He was very influential and positive in his interviews, music, personal relationships, and as a community role model. He spoke heavily about having a plan, being decisive, making boss moves, and supporting his people. His legacy will live on forever as my generation’s Tupac. Missing him dearly…



4 Steps To Creating An Effective Vision Board! #goals #ambition

Know who you are. Identify your vision. Make a vision board. Stay motivated. Make it happen! Vision boards are a great way to stay focused on your goals and stick to your plan. If you’re like me, you’re a very visual person. So keeping positive and evocative images in your face daily is a simple & great way to stay highly motivated in accomplishing those dreams consistently. Good luck!

Santorini, Greece #travel


Isn’t this location beautiful? Putting positive travel vibes out there for 2018!!






Oh by the way, I forgot to tell y’all I went to Puerto Vallarta & Nayarit, Mexico a few months ago in 2017. I’ll share some photos from that trip later. Ciao!