Go see it if you haven’t already!!

Broadway Opening Night Celebration For "Fences"

This movie was nothing short of amazing. Words cannot explain how much respect I have for Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. They both won Tony Awards for their Broadway revival of the play in 2010 after delivering 88 performances. Both actors have been dedicated to the craft for most of their lives: a level of dedication I can only hope to be able to live up to and be fortunate enough to have a career as long as them. After 88 stage performances, an unknown amount of rehearsals & preparation for both stage and screen, and multiple takes for the camera, I just knew this movie was going to be a masterpiece! Denzel directed and produced the film. Another great August Wilson play produced for the screen to live on forever. Loved, loved, looooved it! Now I’m hearing Denzel is bringing a whole string of stage plays adapted for the camera to theaters. I’ll be on time for that!


Warning: There are some really funny moments from Denzel’s performance! Inside joke: Blast a hole into forever hahahaaa!

Source: https://www.ibdb.com/broadway-production/fences-485594

Bitch Better Have My $$$

Don’t judge me but I’m obsessed with Rihanna’s VMA 2016 performance of some of her most ratchet songs. She’s so edgy and unapologetic. Love her confidence too. We won’t talk about her struggle vocals cuz well, we know she aint the best. But I enjoy watching her keep it real lol.

Let them niggas know RiRi! Her dancers are on-pointe too!!


The mood was tense but cold. Calm but attentive. He hadn’t seen her in 5 months and kept calling her by phone out of curiosity. She finally decided to pick up. She wanted to know where his head was at and why he was calling. He was an hour late trying to play it cool. Boy this guy was a piece of work.


Wendy: “Is there a reason why you’re late?”

Aaron: “Yeah, traffic! And I didn’t know I had to be exact.”

She sighs in annoyance. There is a silence.

Aaron: “I made you a stuffed tomato with all organic vegetables and ground turkey.”

Wendy: “Thanks,” she says swiftly. She takes the dish and puts it on a plate. Walks around to the couch, sits, and prepares to eat the small dish. There is another pause of uncertainty.

Aaron: “So, what do you wanna know?”

Wendy has bitten into the tomato dish. While she clears her palette, “I wanna know what’s on your mind.”

He looks around unsure and nervous. He continues, “How candid do you want me to be?”

Wendy: “You gotta start somewhere.”

*Long tense pause* Aaron is thinking… But finally…

Aaron: “I just want to say, I apologize for you being in pain and me being the cause of that pain. I also appreciate things about you now that I probably didn’t appreciate in the past… I’ll just leave it at that.”

Wendy: “Well, that’s good to hear,” she says with a positive tone as she finishes a bite. She is pleased to hear this from him but keeps a poker face. |